How I learned to love the Affinity Slider

hzkick | tobias
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The Affinity Slider is a rather unusual but powerful sorting tool that I have not yet seen in other web applications. It took me years to finally find a use case for myself but now that I found one I believe it might be so powerful, it could be a solution to some things I always wanted to do but did not know how. Yet another example of "Hubzilla already has it, can do."
The Affinity Slider first needs to be enabled for your channel via "Additional Feature Settings / Network And Stream Filtering". /settings/features . Then you will see it on the top of your network page /network . The idea behind it: You can give each of your connections /connections an Affinity Value and then use the left and right buttons of your Affinity Slider to filter your visible stream. Don't be confused that the Affinity Slider comes with a scale of "Family" "Friends" "Acquaintances" "Me", these are just some basic descriptions. You can just filter anything, I am using it to filter RSS feeds, which currently live in a dedicated channel, which I am using as my private Hubzilla powered RSS feed reader.
The individual RSS feeds are sorted into individual Privacy Groups, such as News, IT, Music. Then there is the group "News Linux", which holds the feeds from,


Now I have given Pro Linux an affinity value of 20, Linux Daily a value of 40 andLinux.con a value of 60.
As a result I can use the Affinity Slider to narrow down, which of those feeds inside that privacy group I want to see. I could as well filter my "All channels" network feed, holding all ca. 50 connected feeds, but I went for the additional sorting tool of thematic grouping.
All in all I have now discovered the Affinity Slider as quite a useful tool. Combined with the selection power of privacy groups I am sure I will change how I use some of my channels, maybe even consolidate several into one.
There is one caveat left to mention, though: On mobile those two handlers are a little bit difficult to grab, but with some practice I found it workable anyway.  It's a great feature that I have grown to love. The basic wording and handling could need a little bit of UI/UX love, but it is usable for sure.