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Mario VavtiMario Vavti wrote the following post Tue, 13 Mar 2018 10:05:37 +0100
Hubzilla 3.2.1 Bugfix Release!
Fixed issues:

  • Translations update
  • Fix obscure permission issue with custom permissions when using the highly discouraged advisory privacy modes. Thanks to Thorsten, Einer von Vielen and Phellmes for pointing that out.
  • Fix PHP warning in /admin/site
  • Update mysql schema
  • Fix double notifications for diaspora private messages
  • Fix diaspora v2 outbound profile messages missing key_id
  • Fix PHP error in phpmailer addon

This updates includes an important security fix. Please update as soon as possible!

If somebody at your hub is affected by the mentioned permission issue (which is not very likely) you will need to execute this SQL query to fix eventual affected posts:

UPDATE item SET public_policy = ''
    WHERE public_policy != ''
    AND ( allow_cid != '' OR allow_gid != '' OR deny_cid != '' OR deny_gid != '');

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