Markus Kollotzek
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Is it possible to export a channel's posts to RSS?
I would like to read the top 5 items from
and display them in an RSS-Widget on my Wordpress site.

Or do you have any other suggestions on how to implement such thing? Thanks and greetings!

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h.ear.t | tobias
@Mike Macgirvin
My cse might be a bit more complicated. I am trying to reproduce this.
Hubzilla has so many feature that even creators and developpers forget all hidden  possibilities :)
h.ear.t | tobias
OK, I believe I h<ve done too much chross browser testing yesterday evening, today I am not able to replicate that issue I mentioned yesterday. If I do find something again, I will file a bug. Obivously that browser still had an authenticated cookie lying around somether in it's cache.
Sorry for the disturbance!