What is Hubzilla?

What is Hubzilla is a short series which will explain its main features.

You can imagine Hubzilla like a secure but smart home that is connected with many other homes.

  • First things first: Your home is yours. You decide.
  • As you can expect, you can put things into your house. Images, documents and other stuff.
  • But even if you open your house for others, it's still your house. Which means: You decide. Whom you let in. Who can see what. What rooms. What images. What stuff.
  • Even if all your friends are in one room, each one of them may see a completely different room. Different images, different stuff, yes, even a different you. (For some of your friends you might be wearing fancy dress, for others casual wear, for others ... you decide.)
  • You may decorate your home different for people on the street and people you trust. Same but different.
  • People might not even have a clue you still have got a bedroom or your house does look completely different to others.
  • You might allow anybody to use your toilet for free and without asking. They will think your house is all toilet. Oh, they will love it. They can use it.
  • Your friends will love your house even more, they can use the toilet and linger in your living room blasting the latest hits from your jukebox. To them your house is all toilet and jukebox. Others may use the toilet, the jukebox and access your fridge. Some may even access the bedroom and have some  private fun just with you. But that's another story.
  • Some people might even move in with you and build their own living space within your home as to your permission.
  • Hubzilla is your house. You decide.