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The Man-Machine - Wikipedia

The Man-Machine (German: Die Mensch-Maschine) is the seventh studio album by German electronic band Kraftwerk. It was released on 19 May 1978 in Germany by Kling Klang Records and in the United States by Capitol Records. The album saw the group incorporate more danceable rhythms and less minimalistic arrangements. It includes the singles "The Model...

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I have just learned that Matt Marks has died. I did not know him well, neither personally nor artistically, but he has earned my awe by adapting The Beatles' tape musique concrete piece "Revolution No. 9" for live orchestra and performing it with The Alarm Will Sound. What a name for an orchestra.
First, anyone who even kind of likes this strange  piece of structured sound can count on my sympathies. But Beatles fanatic that he was, Matt not only took on the unlikeliest track for a cover version, but also the one track that is the most unplayable and unimaginable for a life setting. He did it anyway and succeeded with grandesse.
I am sad that any further exploration of his own compositions and further work will now be in retrospect.
This is by far my favourite Beatles cover version of all time.  
Thanks, Matt. Thanks.

Revolution 9 live by Alarm Will Sound
by AlarmWillSound on YouTube
musica non semplice e particolare
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Mario VavtiMario Vavti wrote the following post Fri, 04 May 2018 10:06:43 +0200
Hubzilla 3.4 Released!
For Hubzilla 3.4 we focused on overall usability improvements. A new permission role (social - federation) has been introduced. This is the most permissive role we provide and it aligns well with the capabilities of the protocols we federate with (diaspora, activitypub, ostatus).

An autosave functionality for posts and comments has been implemented. Posts and comments are now autosaved to the browsers local storage (no, we don't send your unfinished work to the server). If you accidentally reload your window or navigate somewhere else, you will not loose your work anymore. When you return back to your unsent post or comment, the text will be waiting there for you as if nothing happened. This functionality is enabled by default and can be disabled in additional features > post composition features settings if desired.

The technical skill level setting has been merged and streamlined with the additional features page. This makes it easier to adjust the skill level to a comfortable value.

Another important change to mention here is that the author menu has been moved from the item dropdown menu (bottom-right of posts and comments) to the author photo. All author related functions are now accessible directly by clicking the author photo.

Last but not least some of the redbasic theme schemas have been renamed to better reflect their purpose in the naming. The simple_* schemas are unmaintained at the moment and were therefore marked deprecated. If nobody from the community steps up and maintains them, they will be removed with the next release. Due to the renaming of the schemas you will have to set your schema again after your hub has been updated. This does not affect you if you are using the default schema (Focus).

Other notable changes:

  • Introduced trending tags for the public stream app
  • Implemented visible star status for starred posts
  • Fix issue where we were forced to log back in after leaving a delegated channel
  • Implemented last commented expiration setting for admins
  • Implement OAuth2/OpenIDConnect server
  • Chats are now saved obscurified in the DB (just like private mails)
  • Introduced a simple way to share links to wiki pages
  • The new member widget has been converted to a feature - it can now be turned on/off
  • Initial support for alternative sort orders on the cloud pages
  • Postgresql fixes
  • Introduction of the e-commerce/cart addon (beta - experimental)
  • Introduction of the fuzzloc addon - blur your browser location
  • Improved interoperability with mastodon (activitypub)
  • Numerous bugfixes and overall improvements

As always, a big THANK YOU! to all the translators and everybody who is helping to improve Hubzilla with each release.

Get it while it's hot!

To update an existing installation (installed via git) please execute util/udall from your Hubzilla webroot.
If you participated in the RC testing, remember to git checkout master (core and addon) before the update.

Please consider to support this project:

!Hubzilla Announcements  !Hubzilla Support Forum

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Edit: Now there is an English translation.

Exclusive: Spectre-NG - Multiple new Intel CPU flaws revealed, several serious


New flaws and even more patches - "Spectre Next Generation" is just around the corner. According to information exclusively available to c't, researchers have already found eight new security holes in Intel processors.

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Some nights ago I noticed that we could hear loads of frogs through our opened balcony door. Imagine, they are about 1km away. :) So today I grabbed my binaural mics and the recording device.

Headphones are mandatory in order to experience the full 360° soundscape. Remember the artificial head recordings from the 70s? That's it.

This is the recording of a brook which sounded really nice. It is being lead through a pipe underneath the path, coming from the left (higher patter) and leaving the pipe on the right (lower patter). All above that you have got the sounds of an early spring forest.

And then the frogs. You could hardly hear anything else, and today they were really wild. My beloved also saw two grass snakes. I have never ever heard this many frogs in one place before.
Beautiful. Thank you!

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@Mike Macgirvin
I have found a PDF for DRFN, is there something alike for Zot?

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When you register at Hubzilla you are presented with a choice of channel roles. There are
  • social channels with varying privacy settings
  • forums with varying privacy settings
  • feed channels
  • a soap box function for announcement only channels
  • group repositories

The docs explain the basics about what is what, but I was always missing a tabled overview. So I created one.

This will be handy. I'd share it but somehow the Link to Source is buggered.
This will be refined over time, this graphic is just a first quick and dirty draft done in LibreOffice Calc and will be updated into a native table.

That is going to be one crazy block of BBcode! And if history is any guide, it will become outdated rapidly. This is something we could probably generate automatically in the code. It could be accessible when people are selecting a permission role and would naturally stay up-to-date.

@Zachary Dunn
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@Mike Macgirvin
You are right, I made a mistake. Social does not have perms_auto, which I understand as autoconnect.

What I have not yet managed to find a meaning for is $ret['limits']. Any hint? :)

And "Default Collection" ... I believe that means connections are sorted into a default privacy group, the new name for collection? Yet that is - unfortunately - only configurable if I chose custom mode. Which for me is a huuuge reason to chose custom mode but ... ... ... maybe that should be moved to general access?
Or does that mean "Default permission group", which then is not reflected if I change the channel role.
(Note to self: Need to describe these default permission group roles as "follower, contributor, publisher", have never really looked into that before.)

    case 'forum_private':
                $ret['perms_auto'] = false;
                $ret['default_collection'] = true;
                $ret['directory_publish'] = false;
                $ret['online'] = false;
                $ret['perms_connect'] = [
                    'view_stream', 'view_profile', 'view_contacts', 'view_storage',
                    'view_pages', 'view_wiki', 'post_wall', 'post_comments',
                    'post_mail', 'post_like' , 'chat'
                $ret['limits'] = PermissionLimits::Std_Limits();
                $ret['limits']['view_profile']  = PERMS_SPECIFIC;
                $ret['limits']['view_contacts'] = PERMS_SPECIFIC;
                $ret['limits']['view_storage']  = PERMS_SPECIFIC;
                $ret['limits']['view_pages']    = PERMS_SPECIFIC;
                $ret['limits']['view_wiki']     = PERMS_SPECIFIC;


Corrected the image.
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How do you notice a neighbourhood is getting cool?

True. Just happened.
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Wow, zufällig hab ich genau sowas gerade auf meiner Liste.

hoergenhoergen wrote the following post Sun, 08 Apr 2018 22:05:10 +0200
Ich habe mal eine Übersichtsmatrix der verschiedenen Projekte zusammengestellt, damit man mal auf einen Blick sieht, wer mit wem kommunizieren kann.

Cool! Jealous!
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Less is more, as they say

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I have cloned this channel several times recently along with some others. All went well, except for this channel and one hub. There I am having very strange effects for this, and only for this channel.
  • at first the clone there changed to an ancient avatar
  • when visiting the clone's channel home I got "Profile does not exist"
  • No connections are visible, a test post was visible only to me instead of the main privacy group which I had selected
  • I tried several times, usually using the web form, but alsi a json file, also with and without old posts
  • I deleted that botched channel clone each time
  • Now it happened again, my primary account suddenly switched it's name from h.ear.t | tobias back to the old tobias, interestingly only in posts, likes etc, not in the profile or settings

I am a bit at a loss now. I uad already given up, my final attempt is now about 2 hours ago. Then I noticed the name change.
The log said "no uid" and zot handshake not possible because https and httpnwere not available. Everything is https.
Other channels from the very same hub did clone amazingly well, even syncing webpages and wikis. From the same source hub to the very same clone hub. So thrre must be something about this channel, even though it did clone perfectly to other hubs.
There is quite a bit of action on the hub where I want to clone to, so the log is very noisy.
What else could I do to debug? Now that my primary channel had been strangely changed a second time ...
ACLs also seem to have been changed, I could no longer post public as there was no option for that.
Is there a way to do a kind of channel config refresh? Or just change one setting temporarily and thrn change it back? How can I now check the validity of this channel? That option for publick posts returned once I reset the privacy option to mostly public.
!Hubzilla Support Forum
I had already deleted that clone, so I re-imported it now.
No, /import and chosing that file did not help, too.
I just saw that now that new clone attempt also does not appear under /locs.
This connection's primary address is ''    
Available locations:,,
Yes, the other one is missing.

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Just tested for the first time: It is possible to add custom fields to connections. Now I understood that this might be quite useful. I was especially thrilled that one could possibly directly call  someone by clicking on the green phone icon in the connections list.

This might need an enhancement though. If I enter a landline and  a mobile phone address, I will only be linked to the first number I entered, there is no way to chose.

!Hubzilla Support Forum!forum+5
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I am pretty sure this is going to be a classic album. Classic like in Pet Sounds or Tago Mago, NEU!, My Life In A Bush Of Ghosts, Kid A, How To Pimp A Butterfly. Continuing where Kraftwerk left off and never considered to go.
This album will finally turn me into the Mouse On Mars connoisseur I was always destined to be.

Mouse on Mars unveil Dimensional People album (EB.TV Documentary)
by Telekom Electronic Beats on YouTube
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Now that this album has dropped, I will finally be able to either stand by or to retract my claim and to vent my disappointment. Very first impression: I might be right. But such a positively overwhelming album does demand to take things slow, step back from the self assigned task of a public assessment and to fully retreat into the sonic spaces that are on offer. Only after building a meaningful relationship (or the inability thereof?) I will come back to this.

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An amazing image sent by the  Curiosity rover from Mars. Just after sunset you can easily make out earth as the brightest star in the evening sky. And if you look close enough, there is good old moon relyably at it's side.
Isn't that romantic?



Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/TAMUImage Addition Date: 2014-02-06
Image source:

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This might be of interest to some. is a Non-Profit Online-Archive & Information-Database for Audio-Tape-Culture (Cassettes/Tapes/Reels) and 20th Century Art- & Music-related Small-Press Publications / Magazine-Culture

Oh, that was exciting when I discovered that world of creativity and dedication which lay hidden beyond those more or less well publicized, more or less commercial sound carrier outlets that I could read about in the more or less commercial newsstand magazines or hear in the specialist radio shows. Those were the times before non commercial community radio, and "the internet" was only just getting the graphical update, i.e. the ability to display graphics by a completely new browsing software called "Mosaic" and copy shops were still havens of the creative grassroots publishing process and posties an integral part of the daily communication protocol.

I remember fondly a very strange aniversary sampler for IRRE tapes (read a tribute to IRRE tapes here), celebrating their 100th release. The tape itself was also designed in true DIY manner with artists such as Doc Wör Mirran, the scene-'famous' Lord Litter or Harald Sack Ziegler. Oh, and Dauerfisch. I loved Dauerfisch. Yay for Dauerfisch.
Today I hear Harald Sack Ziegler has found a niche that still exists on public radio. But he is not the only one who still tickles my ears in new contexts.

Or I got a tape by the EBM outfit Zero Defects. Later I saw a CD review in the Zillo Magazine when they gained a contract with Zoth Omog.

I am quite excited about the gems I will uncover on this new site.
Oh, Z'ev has also got a few entries. His death in December 2017 is a real loss.
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It is with sadness I just learned that Z'ev has recently died. I must admit that even though I was familiar to little more than his name, yet that alone is awe inspiring. I knew he was a true innovator and complex artist who would be challenging, yet rewarding to explore. Music for all senses.
Then I saw that more recently he has worked with Charlemange Palestine whom I like a lot but also need to urgently explore much deeper. John Zorn has released him. Those two facts are enough to earmark someone's music for further exploration, and it turned out to be just a reward and hightend emphasis for the groundbreaking work that went before.

Z'EV - Wikipedia


Z'EV (born Stefan Joel Weisser, February 8, 1951 – December 16, 2017) was an American poet, percussionist, and sound artist. After studying various world music traditions at CalArts, he began creating his own percussion sounds out of industrial materials for a variety of record labels. He is regarded as a pioneer of industrial music.
In 1983, critic Roy Sablosky wrote: "Z'EV doesn't just break the rules, he changes them." Journalist Louis Morra wrote in 1983: "Z'EV is a consummate example of contemporary performance art, as well as modern composition and theater." and, "Z'EV realizes many of modernist art's ultimate goals: primitivism, improvisation, multi-media/conjunction of art forms, the artist as direct creator."

His work with text and sound was influenced by Kabbalah, as well as African, Afro-Caribbean and Indonesian music and culture. He studied Ewe music, Balinese gamelan, and Indian tala.

I bow to him by finally beginning my journey with the latest release I found at spotify. So far this truly is a journey, challenging yet exciting. And obviously I am judging from the sonic surface only, with no clue whatsoever about his metaphorical and mystical language.
Eleven Mirrors to the Light


Eleven Mirrors to the Light, an album by Z'ev on Spotify
Sad to hear that he's passed. I'm playing this album now to get to know his work. :)
I really enjoyed his colab with Charlemange Palestine, a minimalist composer and master of drone whom I really like but also know way too little of. This one is a true monster, a meeting of two worlds on an equal level. Carlemagne is playing bells, beautiful light and clear bells, Z'ev as can be expected his usual dark percussion.
The end result is so amazingly beautiful that it is almost accessible, in the sence of possibly likable by an open minded mainstream audience.

Rubhitbangklanghear Rubhitbangklangear


Rubhitbangklanghear Rubhitbangklangear, an album by Charlemagne Palestine, Z'ev on Spotify

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You might not have heard of Mystified, nonetheless he is one of the most prolific field recording / sound artists active in the creative commons and netlabel scene. In 2011 the blog Tuning Into Obscure attributed him with more than 130 releases, which I can very easily believe. lists 74 audio releases. Understandably I am very, very, very far from having heard 'em all. His art has accompanied me for many years now, I find his approach to using field recordings for sound generation and often poetic sound art profound and inspiring.
I love field recordings, and many years ago I followed my childhood passion and became a librarian. At that time I had not heard of  the Internet, had barely seen or even used a computer. Just a few weeks into those studies I was introduced to email and The Internet (non-graphical websites, still using that text based browser Lynx) and that was the beginning of an alternate career and a new passion, leading to that digital enthusiast and admin I am today. But that's yet another story. ... :)
Still today I think of libraries very much as public living rooms, filled with the sounds, smell and the excitement of knowledge and inspiration. I am sure you can see how his release really hits very close to home for me. This one might become one of my favorite Mystified releases ever.
But there is more. This time Thomas Park aka Mystified provides us not only with the finished composition, but also with the untreated source recordings. Which means you can hear a library's room ambience, scanner, printer, check out, elevator, laptop cabinet, rolling book carts and so on and then go on to enjoy the finished composition. This way that finished piece becomes a puzzle fun with all those sounds playing hide and seek, challenging your inner sonic detective.

Oh, this is fun.

From Thomas Park Newsletter:
Two new releases up--

We often think about libraries as quiet places.

Every time I record in one, I find them to be quite full of sound.

The first release has straight-up field recordings, some using a contact microphone, some using a regular mic:

The second is comprised of two mid-length drone tracks created using the sounds from the first release:


Thomas Park
Sounds Of The Library, by Thomas Park

Sounds Of The Library, by Thomas Park


Here are some field recordings from a local library. Some were created using an open air microphone, while others were made using a contact microphone.

The Sonic Library, by Thomas Park


Here are 2 industrial drone tracks created using only sounds recorded in a public library. Some of the sounds were processed from these original recordings.

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Congratulations Australia for this amazing vote. As unnecessary as the survey was I am absolutely emotional upon this huge and overwhelming majority supporting mariage equality. Now, politicians, do get your shit together and do your job. Quick and well.

Survey question:
Should the law be changed to allow same sex couples to marry?
Answer by Australia (Total)     YES 61.6
I'm not holding my breath. It's political suicide for Turnbull to sign it into law. So he just keeps dragging out the process and creating "plausible deniability". I fully expect six months of debate in parliament.
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And now ... marriage equality is law. Congratulations Australia, again. Repect for everyone who fought for this. And finally, against all the bullying, lobbying it has finally become reality. Even without further builtin discrimination. Deeply, heartfelt, happy congratulations.

Marriage Equality has finally passed in Parliament : 7th December 2017 | The Informer


It happened today, on the 7th December 2017 Parliament has moved for same sex marriage to finally become law in Australia.

There was  a standing ovation in Parliament and 25 minutes later this episode of The Informer went to air.

We break down the day in Australian Parliament  with Rod Smith, as people around the nation were glued to their computers and tvs all week  as so many MP’s wanted to have their say on the amendments to Dean Smith’s Private Members Bill regarding definitions and religious freedoms.

While the Prime Minister is patting himself and his party on the back for getting this done, we hear from the community and remind him that the process they have chosen caused further damage to our marginalised community and that is not something to celebrate.

We touch in with Anthony Wallace from Equal Love Melbourne as well as with Brett who proposed to his partner last month…. well it is his fiance now!

Dean & Matthew hosted this episode of The Informer on JOY 94.9
And, to make it all complete.

Same-sex marriage signed into law by Governor-General, first weddings to happen from January 9 - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


By political correspondent Louise Yaxley Updated Fri 8 Dec 2017, 10:06 AM AEDT Watch Video 1:49 Governor-General signs same-sex marriage into law ABC News he leSame-sex couples who have already married overseas will have their relationships recognised in Australia from midnight tonight. After the drama and excitement of the same-sex marriage bill p...

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I treasured this album long before I had actually heard it. Strange, the way some music paths it's way into people's lives. For this one, I knew I loved it. I had borrowed it from several libraries on several media throughout the years. I had put it onto a cassette. Yet, I did not listen to it. At least not really. Just a few minutes, maybe skipping across the rest.
Then I even did own it, that beautiful little box they did for it's 30th anniversary. For many years I did not listen to that CD.
Then The Easy Allstars did their stellar cover version called Dub Side Of the Moon. Wow. I was hooked. More than that, I was in love. That became my album of the year, along with the original. Finally I did listen. And wow, what was there to discover!
Since then DSOTM has kept it's very special place inside my heart and soul. It has opened the path for many other Pink Floyd albums. Except for The Wall. Every few years or so I give it another spin and acknowledge that it's awesome, but strange enough, it does not do much for me. It does not touch me the way DSOTM or The Piper ... do.

I once thought it would be a nice idea to collect DSOTM cover versions. But I gave that idea up before I had even started. That is too vast of a field.

I have just found another one. Again, beautiful and unique all by itself. It's a chello cover version.
Dark Side Of The Moon On Cello, by Gordon Withers


8 track album

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One short micronews for Debian. One Who-hoo! for us Debian lovers.
The Debian stretch suites have now been renamed to stable! #releasingstretch
The Debian stretch suites have now been renamed to stable! #releasingstretch Submitted on 17 June 2017 10:01:00 By Paul Wise This service is run by the Debian Publicity Team...
The last time (Debian 8.x) High Availability tools were missing. But that was a wake up call, they prepared their packages for unstable / testing / backports and now pacemaker & Co. is back in Main.

#857986 - npm: package is 3 years old (consider removal?) - Debian Bug report logs

Sorry for opening such a non-standard bug report but this page leads me to believe that the most up-to-date version we have for this package on Debian is from 2014 ...
Yep, I read this thread. I understand their reasoning. But not including something as popular as npm is very bad PR for Debian. I convinced a friend to move to Debian (he came from OS X). He quite likes it but he develops on node.
Yes, I agree, even though I see the point. I thought the very same for dropping HA for Debian Jessie, which I regard as integral for any distro aiming at professonal use. But I do get the reasoning, too. But it's hard to convey and still argue for Debian.