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Mozilla's DeepSpeech has been in tje IT news today, so I looked around a bit. Quite exciting as I do believe this technology can be an important step, but I don't feel like plugging myself onto the big corporate cloud. I read this can work completely offline, is open source and so on.

DeepSpeech IBus Plugin - Speech Recognition For Any Application In Linux
by Mike Sheldon on YouTube
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1968 was a tumultuous year. I don't know if you can even fathom the depths to which the fabric of society had been violently ripped apart. The white album was a reflection of the period.
I was cutting up tapes too lol. Some of those recordings may exist somewhere.

in 2007 I had this crazy idea to run ads on craigslist for women to phone in and leave recordings on my voicemail. Then I would create music around the voicemail. For drums i used this shareware program some dude into speed metal wrote. it was super basic just click little dots for the beats you wanted. Originally I was recording and mixing on a Linux laptop but eventually I bought a 6 track recorder. Well it was 2 mono tracks and 2 stereo tracks and you could bounce the mono to the stereo or mix it. So you would basically use the 4th track for your finished piece and incoming on mono 1 and 2. #3 would be like a middle mix. On the computer you could dork up the sounds for fun.

That stuff is on

I am getting into recording again. I tried using multi track recording software but i am not very good at it. I have a 192\24 usb sound interface. On an i7 windows laptop the. larency blows big time and is unusable. But on FreeBSD there is zero latency and I can record and monitor many tracks in Audacity. I just hate mixing etc in Audacity. So i can bump the tracks into something else. I might buy some new hardware. There is a cheap 4 channel sound interface that reviewers say lays waste to the competition and raises the bar. Trying to avoid spending too much on a hobby lol.
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This is ironic. Kind of irrelevant but still, it's amazing.
It has just been announced that Paul McCartney's new album "Egypt Station" is officially number 1 on the coming week's Billboard 100 Album charts.
I mean, how strange is this? He is 76 and you hear it. Many people complain about his aging voice, esp on his live shows.
But if you are able to listen with an open mind you will find a very detailed and rich production that even manages to take advantage of the voice and use it as a sonic means (Despite Repeated Warnings). The album as such is pretty good IMO, way better than I expected. He is hungry again and it shows. I have listened to it twice so far, it's a wonderful hiking album, and I find I like even songs I did not expect to like, for example Back In Brazil. It once was a pretty boring thingm but the arrangement is imaginative and fun.
My favourite moment is when track 1 closes and the piano frok track 2 sets in. I jumped, when I heard that, it's sonically sooo beautiful.
I know how important chart positions are to him, he still is from that old generation where that really did mean something. And I really like that he kicked a rapper I don't like at all from the top spot. That's an added bonus.
Well done Paul. Stay hungry.


The advertising campeign has been awesome this time.
My favourite Carpool Karake ever:

Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke
by The Late Late Show with James Corden on YouTube

And this is pretty fun too:

Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon Surprise Fans in 30 Rock Elevators
by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube
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Yet another interesting album announcement for the end of 2018.

They are doing it again.

Laibach - The Sound of Music (Official Video)
by Mute on YouTube
@Beni Grind ping.
Awesome! I'm already looking forward to this concert!

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Now 2018 is getting ridiculous. How many more attractive and desirable new releases from old artists can it still squeeze in before it's 2019?
Jean-Michel Jarre is continuing another of his epic classics, thus time it's Equinoxe. 2016's infectious Oxygene 3 already leaked into 2018 when I finally bought the trilogy and again went through each individual part several times. I again listed to a lot from his back catalogue but found it very uneven, ranging from brilliant to overblown and boring. Equinoxe sure is another highlight, it aleady fascinated me as a child.
And now this preview does sound nice. Excited!

by Centro Cifad on YouTube

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Public Service Announcement:
Today I have listened to everything from Massive Attack's main catalogue. That means I skipped the remixes and Mad Professor.
  • Blue Lines
  • Protection
  • Mezzanine
  • 100th Window
  • Danny The Dog OST
  • Heligoland
  • Ritual Spirit
  • The Spoils
  • Home Of The Whale (Mayday Mix), original via YT
  • Collected - Disc2
  • via YT: The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game

My favourites seem to be Mezzanine, Heligoland, Ritual Spirit, Protected and 100th Window. Especially the latter is way better than I (and seemingy everybody else) have rated it at the time. May reward repeated listening, will see how that turns out over time. Had never really listend to that one before. Might have been the over-mighty shadow of Mezzanine. Time for a re-evaluation?

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2018 is reissue madness, for me the most efficient to kill my bank account since ... ever.
Luckily this will get onto my toDoList, but is not essential enough as a reissue for instant order. Luckily I do not collect vinyl anymore except for instances when it's the only option at all. (Yes, there are indeed releases that are only and exclusively available on Vinyl. Column One used to do that throughout their time again and again up to their last release (got it signed ...) or the lovingly curated sampler series by Drone Records.  But I disgress.

I feel compelled to stress the importance of Mezzanine for myself, I still remember the moment I first heard it. At the time I still was a regular at the local CD vendour. Saw this on the shelf for new releases and took it to the CD player. Put the headphones on, inserted the CD. And then. It took just the very first bar and I was flying. There was no need to listen any further.
I left the shop broke but owning yet another Massive Attack CD.
I guess I will get this one eventually, just not instantly. I really like Mad Professor and also his other MA remixes (Protection), but I deem this re-release not fully essential nonetheless. Even a remaster appears to be not as urgently required as the original CD still sounds great.

Massive Attack / Mezzanine 20th anniversary deluxe on 2CD and 3LP | superdeluxeedition


The 1998 album has been remastered (by Tim Young at Metropolis) and comes with an album of previously unreleased dub mixes by the Mad Professor. These remixes were originally intended to be released on a Mad Professor Mezzanine remix album – yet in the end, only a few of his remixes were issued as single b-sides

Bikini...Weapon of Choice Full length movie
by Ujena Swimwear on YouTube
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The latest IPhone models have been announced. I have already seen jokes like "Do not confuse: IPhone XS vs. IPhone XP" on public displays. I have just seen the amount of money you need to part with in order to get one. At the time of writing the price range is reported as EURO 999 - 1749. Phew. I had to double-read that. I mean, each new Oneplus is getting a price rise. Within a few weeks my Oneplus One will be 4 years old and I payed $300. The gaming and media PC my beloved has built herself has been much less expensive than an IPhone! ...
I am no photographer by any means, cannot look that way, my visual imagination is very limited. But I have bought the app Camera FV-5. But then I found it overwhelming and did more panorama and 360 which google's cam is tailored for. I have just discovered that this app helps me to get decent results because I can tweak more myself. Now I need to learn some tweaking. It won't help me to rise to being a photographer.
The camera has improved between Oneplus One and the 6, so I am looking forward to the cam when I will finally buy a new Oneplus, supposedly in one, or more probable, two years.
@Sophie Small sensors (as the iPhone has) have some optical (physical) limits because of the size of a single pixel. You can do some refined tricks with the software. But this all hase limits. One of the physical limits of the iPhone is diffraction. You can visualize this under Diffraction Limited Aperture Estimator. Another thing the iPhone has to do some "tricks" is to "eliminate" the noise. The do other tricks as well. For example the iPhone guesses what is on the picture (faces, sunsets,...) and does some modifications. At the end you have no real "honest" picture because of the many tricks they do. Much of what you see is how the software wants you to see it.

Anyway... Most like the result anyway.
[nostalgia] The cam of the Microsoft (Nokia) Lumia 950 was way ahead of any other smartphone camera, at it's time. Only the very latest Pixel and iPhones might have gotten close to it. But every reasonable priced phone I tried after that L950 is bad in comparison of image quality.

Too bad Microsoft abandoned that train instead of continuing and improving on it. Sigh [/nostalgia]

There was a discussion elsewhere that the high price might make people use their phones longer => sustainability, good for the environment. But we do that with a 2 year and a 4 year old €300 phone as well while others will throw out €1000 every year.

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Mike MacgirvinMike Macgirvin wrote the following post Thu, 13 Sep 2018 02:03:05 +0200
!Hubzilla Support Forum !Hubzilla Development

Just a heads up. The time is slipping away and I would like to bring Zot6 to Hubzilla before the end of the year, but I'm now questioning if that's a realistic timeframe. There's much work to do and the conflicts between Zot6 and the way Hubzilla currently works are staggering to say the least. But here are a few things that may happen "soonish" and which *may* affect you...

1. The PHP minimum version is going to brought up to 7.0. Version 5.6 will be end of life on December 31st so this shouldn't surprise anybody, but I'm suggesting that this requirement is imminent. Please upgrade _now_  if you're running 5.6.  Things will start to break if you don't. The longer you wait the more things will break.

2. Redmatrix backward compatibility will be terminated. I think everybody who wanted to migrate has done so, but in any event I'm pulling the plug on the compatibility code.

3. The way reshares work is going to be radically different. I'm hoping current reshared posts will still render, but if somebody comments or likes these in the future, those conversations may not federate. In ActivityStreams (on which Zot6 is based) and many other federated networks and projects, you can't actually add commentary on reshared content before posting. This is unfortunate because it puts everybody in the network at risk of copyright infringement and without a "fair-use" defense. I highly recommend everybody get in the habit of adding a comment to anything you reshare, even if it involves an extra step. The ass you save could be your own.

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Wunderschön phantasievoll gemachter Beitrag über ein mit viel Herz betriebenes Puppenspieltheater in Nordheim/Niedersachsen (Südharz).

Sind nur ein paar Minuten, Guckempfehlung. (Solange der Beitrag noch in der Mediathek zu finden ist.),hallonds46704.html

30 Jahre Theater der Nacht in Northeim
Hallo Niedersachsen - 09.09.2018 19:30 Uhr

Bis zu 25.000 Menschen aus allen Teilen Deutschlands kommen jedes Jahr ins Theater der Nacht nach Northeim, um die Puppenspiele und auch das fantasievolle Gebäude zu sehen.
wie schön ..

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Anyone into radio here? Just came across this article detailing a few aspects of the NPR sound.
A top audio engineer explains NPR’s signature sound
The crisp, bright tone comes from a particular microphone — and a few other elements.
I can only say, I love the NPR sound. Down to earth, unobstrusive. The thought and dedication that goes into it really does make an impact. Unfortunately my very favourite radio station in the whoke wide world dor the last five years ( is compresing and exciting it's signal to death and I suspect very much that they are picking up their stream signal off the air, which just makes me go crazy. Why would anyone want to do that? Sometimes there is quite a bit of hiss below the content ... But here I regard the content and the mission of this volunteer based community radio station so very important, I put up with that. JOY is literally saving lifes all around the world, and this is a fact. Out, loud and proud.

But now back to NPR. I too love to get really close to the microphone, listening to that sounds so much personal and automatically creates an emotional connection to the voice. I am also very much in favour of removing the bass from the voice. Except for some special instances where a close up bassy voice really enhances the show.
I will earmark this article. It does express what I have unconsciously been doing for quite a long time in a much more primitive way. Inspiring.

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This was to be controversial, and sneaking into the comments it is - but I like it. I think Neil Finn is a surprisingly good fit. (And amazingly busy, has just released another solo album just a few weeks ago.)

Fleetwood Mac Takes the Stage with "The Chain"
by TheEllenShow on YouTube

The drummer is the happiest drummer I have ever seen.

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'Dionysus' the New Album

DIONYSUS – the New Album, released Nov 2nd.

The nearest live date is Berlin, but I guess I would not have gone anyway. For some reasons live events currently do not tickle my fancy, I prefer to experience music one on one, just me, and my headphones. But I had been longing for new music by DCD by now for sure!


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Plus: watch his 2018 Las Vegas concert in full HD!


Comments say it's in fact Stockholm. No, this did not get a view from me. :)
artificial intelligence must be well instructed ;)
they can let us know immediately when Jimi Hendrix announces a new tour date. Of course people all over the world have heard of Jimi Hendrix, but I've learned that its hit or miss that a person outside of the US has knowledge of US celebrities, even Michael Jackson can be "unknown".

so the page i went to reads "Jimi Hendrix is an American singer-songwriter and musician hailing from Seattle, Washington. "

....or artificial intelligence gets confused when it comes to immortals
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Image/photoAs I am still speechless regarding the events in Chemnitz I want to post a positive photo. A silent installation supporting sea rescuing. We discovered this in this small town's park where we spend our vacation.
We must not succumb to hatred and indifference. If we do refuse sympathy, help and assistance to people in need we are doomed as people and as a society.
At the same time: Berlin again refuses to apologize and to acknowledge the massacres Germany did with Herero and Namaqua people in today's Namibia during colonial occupation in 1904-1908 as genocide.
I am lost for words.

This one goes out to anybody who is the target of racist, sexist, homophobe and any kind of hate, bullying:
Please resist. Take care of yourself, as much as possible. Try to love yourself and to get yourself somewhere else. Try not to replicate the hate, neither turn it against yourself. You are special, you are loved, you are wanted. You deserve better, you can have it better.
Reach out, seek support.

You are not alone.

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Just discovered the already immensely successful Parisienne disco duo Justice. Listening to their most recent album "Woman".

Me: Wow, they are singing "So many libraries"!
Me: Hm. Something's not right here.
(duckduckdo'ing the lyrics)

So many nights
So many memories
Music and lines
Rhythm and melodies

But I don't care because #librariesAreMemories #noMatterWhatTheySay #beautifulMistake
I have some Justice in my music library, but it's been increasingly rare for me to make time to listen to music.. I think the last thing of theirs that I listened to was Civilization
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I am kind of listening to music, radio, podcasts 48h/day. Except when socially inacceptale, technically impossible or whatever. My beloved promised to bury me with headphones.

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Thanks to @Yuki for alerting me to this excellwnt post. Even though the author does not even think of it, his elaborations do also apply to Hubzilla except that Hubzilla does in fact answer many of the mentioned shortcomings. For example yes, HZ does require registration,  but it does not store data in plaintext unless necessary or done so by you yourself. Any public posting is stored in plain text, if you limit access to just certain contacts, it is "encrypted" aka obscurified (the keys used are stored along with your channel data which is a necessity but while by no means impossible sniffing in on your non-public conversations requires effort and is a PITA.
HZ strives to even make you independent of that dilemma "I don't trust my admin". Just take your nomadic identity and move it to another server. Run several clones which synchronize just in case one admin decides to cease offering their services to you for any or none reason at all.
I see many of these myths answered by Hubzilla.

Federated services are popular among people who care about their online privacy. However, there are several myths rattling around which you will read over and over again. We exemplarily discuss Mastodon and XMPP in this article.

Myth 1: Federated services aren’t user-friendly
Myth 2: Federation is a privacy feature
Myth 3: Federation is more important than encryption
Myth 4: Oh, you don’t trust your admin? Run your own server!
Might be kind of a fun project to look at each myth and create an "answer" from Hubzilla's perspective.
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King EmirKing Emir wrote the following post Thu, 09 Aug 2018 00:11:08 +0200
Displaying/Editing offline AND in the Web UI of data stored in Hubzilla (inkl. comparison with Nextcloud)
The bold Y marks a quality offered by the technology (Hubzilla vs. Nextcloud) while the other one doesn't offer it.

Data stored on Hubzilla

Data type (dis)playable in the Web UIeditable in the Web UIsyncable to/from remote machineeditable remotely offline
CalDAV events calendarYYYY
CalDAV task listnnY (1)Y
CardDAV address bookYYYY
Photos (2)YnYY
Hubzilla metadata of Photos (3)YYnn
Hubzilla wikiYYnn
Hubzilla websiteYYnn
Hubzilla articleYYnn
Hubzilla cardsYYnn
Hubzilla private messagesYY (4)nn
Audio/video (5)YnYY

(1) synronizing data between two remote machines is possible!
(2) tested with .jpg and .gif
(3) title, tags, orientation. The orientation is really just metadata, it doesn't affect the photo file.
(4) compose; delete
(5) tested with Firefox 61.0.1: .mp3 and .mp4 can be played. .3gp, .flv and .mkv cannot be played.

Data stored on Nextcloud

Data type (dis)playable in the Web UIeditable in the Web UIsyncable to/from remote machineeditable remotely offline
CalDAV events calendarYYYY
CalDAV task listYYYY
CardDAV address bookYYYY
IMAP notesYn (6)YY
.txtYY (7)YY
.csvY (8)nYY
Audio/video (5)YnYY

(6) deleting is possible
(7) With the Nextcloud app "Notes"
(8) not formatted though

The Nextcloud app store lists furthermore apps which promise online (dis)playing and editing of, mindmaps, a password manager and a ebook reader. I didn't test them though. I did't check neither if offline editing of the used data types would be possible. But it would be worth thinking about bringing those features to Hubzilla.

Data types missing on both Hubzilla and Nextcloud

Out of offline editable data which can be neither (dis)played nor edited yet on both Hubzilla and Nextcloud, I mention those which I find interesting (non-exhaustive):

    [* ] Anki cards package (for learning languages, GNU Affero General Public License. A syncing service including online displaying/editing is offered by
    [* ] Tiddlywiki (If syncing and offline editing of the native Hubzilla wiki would be impossible). But it looks like syncing is not a feature of Tiddlywiki until now: Saving after editing your html-file doesn't overwrite the file, but forces you to download a new html-file.


Recently I've been on a 8 hours ride on a train in a country where I have no cellular carrier data plan, and the WiFi offered by the rail service which I expected to use was turned off on that train. Thus I wasn't able to work on my wiki which is stored in #Hubzilla. This is just one use-case for the need of having a syncable #offline copy of a file stored in Hubzilla. Others cases would be i.e. when working with my laptop somewhere in the nature where there's no carrier network (it's actually what I am longing for these days since it's so hot in the city). To avoid misunderstanding, I like to mention here that #syncronizing is not the same as importing/exporting.
I dare to give a simple statement: In the chart about #data types in Hubzilla each field should contain a green Y (=yes), except for image/audio/video editing. This chart will help developing the necessary apps or changing the data organization. It summarizes my evaluations of the enabled features on I know there are other features that can be enabled, but I couldn't test them (I don't run my own server). I'm not aware of a list of existing features/plugins/apps. (Is there a such list?)
In the second chart, I added the same information for #Nextcloud (non-exhaustive; just main data types for comparing reasons). In this discussion @Mike Macgirvin brings up the vision of turning "all the extra features etc. into apps" similar to Nextcloud. When getting closer to Nextcloud in terms of features, Hubzilla needs to become competitive in terms of features. Together with the nomadity and the superiority in privacy, this will make Hubzilla unbeatable.
Please comment below about if you agree or don't agree with my statement and my evaluation (if necessary case-wise).

A related question I'm wondering about is:
Is the synchronizing frequency depending on the server? If yes, Is it set by the hub administrator, or can it be set by the cannel user?
!Free / Libre Open Source Softwares !Hubzilla Development !Hubzilla Support Forum !Hubzilla Advocacy !Disroot Community

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Europe needs some fresh ideas. This looks really interesting and I really hope will lead to some positive discussions and new unifying developments.

About us


Learn more about Volt, the European progressive movement.

I have read some pieces of their party program and it seems reasonable, very needed and like I could support this.

Therefore, the European Charter of Fundamental                      
Rights should be a guidepost for the agency, incorporated in its mission                      
statement, compliance system and accountability to the European Parliament.                
The disruption of human smuggling and trafficking networks should always go                    
hand in hand with search and rescue operations, as well as welcoming                      
operations for asylum seekers and refugees.

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From a discussion on how to describe / define Hubzilla.

M. DentM. Dent wrote the following post Thu, 02 Aug 2018 18:33:59 +0200
Hubzilla community web 3.0 publishing platform (with integrated social network)

But it's much more than a "publishing" platform.  It handles file repositories as well and photo collections which may not be "published" but kept private and shared among a select group of people.

It's so expansive, there really is no way to even "showcase" it properly without integrating it into a specific use-case which doesn't give the ability to show that it really is the "Swiss Army Knife" of Social Media / Collaboration / Publishing platforms.

But unlike other "it does everything" tools, it's properly modularized so that it really is the "hub" into which each of the modules "plugs".  Thus, there is not really a way to say, "Hubzilla is ... " anything.  It really is (or can be) whatever you want or need it to be.  Social Media - yup.  Collaboration platform for sharing documents/photos/etc. in a secure and access controlled manner - yup.  Publishing to the world - yup.  

But not like other systems which "try to be everything to everyone" and so end up a mess of mushy nothingness that can't really _do_ anything.  It's done in a way that everything coexists under the umbrella of "Hubzilla" but none of those things are actually "Hubzilla" itself.

In LONG form:  Hubzilla is a modular/pluggable platform that come preloaded with support for Publishing, Social Media, File / Photo sharing, chat, and much much more (including the ability to develop of custom modules) which all share a single identity, privacy and security infrastructure that allows seamless interconnection across server and administrative boundaries.  In short, it's everything Web3.0 promises ... and delivers it today!