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Congratulations Australia for this amazing vote. As unnecessary as the survey was I am absolutely emotional upon this huge and overwhelming majority supporting mariage equality. Now, politicians, do get your shit together and do your job. Quick and well.

Survey question:
Should the law be changed to allow same sex couples to marry?
Answer by Australia (Total)     YES 61.6
Mike Macgirvin
I'm not holding my breath. It's political suicide for Turnbull to sign it into law. So he just keeps dragging out the process and creating "plausible deniability". I fully expect six months of debate in parliament.
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And now ... marriage equality is law. Congratulations Australia, again. Repect for everyone who fought for this. And finally, against all the bullying, lobbying it has finally become reality. Even without further builtin discrimination. Deeply, heartfelt, happy congratulations.

Marriage Equality has finally passed in Parliament : 7th December 2017 | The Informer


It happened today, on the 7th December 2017 Parliament has moved for same sex marriage to finally become law in Australia.

There was  a standing ovation in Parliament and 25 minutes later this episode of The Informer went to air.

We break down the day in Australian Parliament  with Rod Smith, as people around the nation were glued to their computers and tvs all week  as so many MP’s wanted to have their say on the amendments to Dean Smith’s Private Members Bill regarding definitions and religious freedoms.

While the Prime Minister is patting himself and his party on the back for getting this done, we hear from the community and remind him that the process they have chosen caused further damage to our marginalised community and that is not something to celebrate.

We touch in with Anthony Wallace from Equal Love Melbourne as well as with Brett who proposed to his partner last month…. well it is his fiance now!

Dean & Matthew hosted this episode of The Informer on JOY 94.9
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And, to make it all complete.

Same-sex marriage signed into law by Governor-General, first weddings to happen from January 9 - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


By political correspondent Louise Yaxley Updated Fri 8 Dec 2017, 10:06 AM AEDT Watch Video 1:49 Governor-General signs same-sex marriage into law ABC News he leSame-sex couples who have already married overseas will have their relationships recognised in Australia from midnight tonight. After the drama and excitement of the same-sex marriage bill p...

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I treasured this album long before I had actually heard it. Strange, the way some music paths it's way into people's lives. For this one, I knew I loved it. I had borrowed it from several libraries on several media throughout the years. I had put it onto a cassette. Yet, I did not listen to it. At least not really. Just a few minutes, maybe skipping across the rest.
Then I even did own it, that beautiful little box they did for it's 30th anniversary. For many years I did not listen to that CD.
Then The Easy Allstars did their stellar cover version called Dub Side Of the Moon. Wow. I was hooked. More than that, I was in love. That became my album of the year, along with the original. Finally I did listen. And wow, what was there to discover!
Since then DSOTM has kept it's very special place inside my heart and soul. It has opened the path for many other Pink Floyd albums. Except for The Wall. Every few years or so I give it another spin and acknowledge that it's awesome, but strange enough, it does not do much for me. It does not touch me the way DSOTM or The Piper ... do.

I once thought it would be a nice idea to collect DSOTM cover versions. But I gave that idea up before I had even started. That is too vast of a field.

I have just found another one. Again, beautiful and unique all by itself. It's a chello cover version.
Dark Side Of The Moon On Cello, by Gordon Withers


8 track album

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One short micronews for Debian. One Who-hoo! for us Debian lovers.
The Debian stretch suites have now been renamed to stable! #releasingstretch
The Debian stretch suites have now been renamed to stable! #releasingstretch Submitted on 17 June 2017 10:01:00 By Paul Wise This service is run by the Debian Publicity Team...
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The last time (Debian 8.x) High Availability tools were missing. But that was a wake up call, they prepared their packages for unstable / testing / backports and now pacemaker & Co. is back in Main.

#857986 - npm: package is 3 years old (consider removal?) - Debian Bug report logs

Sorry for opening such a non-standard bug report but this page leads me to believe that the most up-to-date version we have for this package on Debian is from 2014 ...
Beni Grind
Yep, I read this thread. I understand their reasoning. But not including something as popular as npm is very bad PR for Debian. I convinced a friend to move to Debian (he came from OS X). He quite likes it but he develops on node.
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Yes, I agree, even though I see the point. I thought the very same for dropping HA for Debian Jessie, which I regard as integral for any distro aiming at professonal use. But I do get the reasoning, too. But it's hard to convey and still argue for Debian.

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Is this strange or is it strange ... Though I am pretty stunned by the beauty of that remix. Hearing that new stereo mix is like meeting old friends again and while anything that made your friendship that long ago is as evident as ever, it is obvious that they are doing better than ever while being just themselves.
I guess this wild success is way beyond anyone's guess. Honoring today's official release date 50 years ago I wore my Sgt Pepper drum logo button at work. Don't know if anyone noticed it, but that's not the point anyway. Celebrating how much these songs and sounds are still able to move and inspire me after 100s of listenings is.
And while I do not care much about the charts, being #1 again 50 years later is nothing but an impressive surprise.


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Flashback: There I am, thumbing through some thick books I carried home from the local library while carefully tuning the knobs on my shortwave radio. This radio knob was my connection to the world. Oh, that felt so good. In fact, it was mind boggling. Being able to listen to the world made it easy for me to live with the shortcomings of bad reception, always changing frequencies, shifting voices, strange noises et all. I was receiving radio stations from all around the world and was no longer restricted to my own little world!

Flash forward.  
Here I am, still with the world at my fingertips, but now using a computer keyboard. Still listening to radio stations from all over the globe, but in much better quality and without carrying heavy books beforehand. There are webstreams. There are search engines. Heck, there are mobile phones which connect me even from ... almost anywhere that hapens to have a decent internet reception.

And now this., an open source, public domain Wiki for ... radio stations. The name is a bit misleading, it is actually for all types of radio stations, not just community radios. From anywhere. The only limitation is: It must be legal to listen to them globally, i.e. without geoblocking. Yes, that actually has become a thing, there already are some radio stations that try to block anyone from listening outside their country.
As the radio browser relies upon community effort, I have spontaneously edited my favorite radio station, corrected the name, updated the tags. It's really easy and pretty straight forward. There are some more stations I know which are in need for updates, and updating this publicly sourced information is much more rewarding than just maintaining my own private lists.
Very nice work, very useful for any radio lover out there. You can even fork radio browser on github and run your own.
There are already quite a fiew media players using this site's API, plus the site admin even created a simple app RadioDroid, available on which appears to run much better than the huge Tunein and certainly with less tracking. It does have other shortcomings, it is still quite rudimentary, but a nice beginning and I am already using it a lot.

Radio Browser

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Just read that Mika Vainio has died. This is sad. I have seen (or better: felt) Pan Sonic live sometime during the 90s opening during The Swans' last tour before they called it quits for a long time. Yet Pan Sonic were the ones that left me baffled. This noise, flickering light and the sheer rawness of the experience - never have I been in such a state of consciousness before. Been rediscovering them lately, especially as I do own a few CDs by Mika I have not yet heard, I now started slowly working my way through all that noise.
Definitely something to be enjoyed in well measured doses. Frequencies can induce trances and Pan Sonic created a whole calm chaos of that.
Thank you for those frequencies, Mika.
The Pitch

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Installing my favorite web suite aka Hubzilla on the forthcoming Debian 9 "Stretch" is a joy. Quick, straightforward and easy. I will show you how to do it in about 10 minutes or less.
Currently I am preparing for the switch to Debian 9 "Stretch". So far I am quite happy with the update and I am pretty happy to finally welcome back to my favourite distro the pacemaker clustering suite. But that is another story and shall be told at another time. :)
(This is just a quick cheatsheet, I will later write a longer howto for later. Promised.)
I am starting with a basic Debian installation. The only additional feature chosen during installation is ssh-server.
  • The Basics: Install the required dependencies:
    apt-get install vim git apache2 mariadb-server php certbot python-certbot-apache php-curl php-gd php-mbstring php-xml php-mysql php-zip
  • Webserver apache: Create vhost file /etc/apache2/sites-available/hubzilla.conf and enable vhost, enable the required apache module rewrite
    <VirtualHost *:80>
        ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
        DocumentRoot /var/www/hubzilla
        <Directory />
            Options FollowSymLinks
            AllowOverride All
        <Directory /var/www/>
            Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
            AllowOverride All
            Order allow,deny
            allow from all
        ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/hubzilla_error.log
        LogLevel warn
        CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/hubzilla_access.log combined

    Enable the new vhost
    enable /etc/apache2/sites-available/hubzilla.conf
    Enable apache modules rewrite
    a2enmod rewrite
    Restart apache2 in order to activate all these changes
    systemctl restart apache2
  • Download Hubzilla: clone the Hubzilla Git repository and chown everything to be writable to the webserver account www-data
    cd /var/www/ ; git clone ; chown -R www-data. hubzilla;
  • create the database
    mysql -u root
    create database hubzilla ; CREATE USER 'hubzilla'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'totally-secret-password'; GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON hubzilla.* to 'hubzilla'@'localhost';
  • SSL Encryption: create the letscencrypt certificates in order to use SSL and have certbot automatically configure your apache vhost to use SSL. Just follow the instructions. Let certbot configure your vhost to use SSL.
  • setup a cronjob
    echo "*/10 * * * *    cd /var/www/hubzilla; /usr/bin/php Zotlabs/Daemon/Master.php Cron"  >> /etc/crontab
  • Finally: open your browser and follow the instructions.
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