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Thanks to @Yuki for alerting me to this excellwnt post. Even though the author does not even think of it, his elaborations do also apply to Hubzilla except that Hubzilla does in fact answer many of the mentioned shortcomings. For example yes, HZ does require registration,  but it does not store data in plaintext unless necessary or done so by you yourself. Any public posting is stored in plain text, if you limit access to just certain contacts, it is "encrypted" aka obscurified (the keys used are stored along with your channel data which is a necessity but while by no means impossible sniffing in on your non-public conversations requires effort and is a PITA.
HZ strives to even make you independent of that dilemma "I don't trust my admin". Just take your nomadic identity and move it to another server. Run several clones which synchronize just in case one admin decides to cease offering their services to you for any or none reason at all.
I see many of these myths answered by Hubzilla.

Federated services are popular among people who care about their online privacy. However, there are several myths rattling around which you will read over and over again. We exemplarily discuss Mastodon and XMPP in this article.

Myth 1: Federated services aren’t user-friendly
Myth 2: Federation is a privacy feature
Myth 3: Federation is more important than encryption
Myth 4: Oh, you don’t trust your admin? Run your own server!
Might be kind of a fun project to look at each myth and create an "answer" from Hubzilla's perspective.
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King EmirKing Emir wrote the following post Thu, 09 Aug 2018 00:11:08 +0200
Displaying/Editing offline AND in the Web UI of data stored in Hubzilla (inkl. comparison with Nextcloud)
The bold Y marks a quality offered by the technology (Hubzilla vs. Nextcloud) while the other one doesn't offer it.

Data stored on Hubzilla

Data type (dis)playable in the Web UIeditable in the Web UIsyncable to/from remote machineeditable remotely offline
CalDAV events calendarYYYY
CalDAV task listnnY (1)Y
CardDAV address bookYYYY
Photos (2)YnYY
Hubzilla metadata of Photos (3)YYnn
Hubzilla wikiYYnn
Hubzilla websiteYYnn
Hubzilla articleYYnn
Hubzilla cardsYYnn
Hubzilla private messagesYY (4)nn
Audio/video (5)YnYY

(1) synronizing data between two remote machines is possible!
(2) tested with .jpg and .gif
(3) title, tags, orientation. The orientation is really just metadata, it doesn't affect the photo file.
(4) compose; delete
(5) tested with Firefox 61.0.1: .mp3 and .mp4 can be played. .3gp, .flv and .mkv cannot be played.

Data stored on Nextcloud

Data type (dis)playable in the Web UIeditable in the Web UIsyncable to/from remote machineeditable remotely offline
CalDAV events calendarYYYY
CalDAV task listYYYY
CardDAV address bookYYYY
IMAP notesYn (6)YY
.txtYY (7)YY
.csvY (8)nYY
Audio/video (5)YnYY

(6) deleting is possible
(7) With the Nextcloud app "Notes"
(8) not formatted though

The Nextcloud app store lists furthermore apps which promise online (dis)playing and editing of, mindmaps, a password manager and a ebook reader. I didn't test them though. I did't check neither if offline editing of the used data types would be possible. But it would be worth thinking about bringing those features to Hubzilla.

Data types missing on both Hubzilla and Nextcloud

Out of offline editable data which can be neither (dis)played nor edited yet on both Hubzilla and Nextcloud, I mention those which I find interesting (non-exhaustive):

    [* ] Anki cards package (for learning languages, GNU Affero General Public License. A syncing service including online displaying/editing is offered by
    [* ] Tiddlywiki (If syncing and offline editing of the native Hubzilla wiki would be impossible). But it looks like syncing is not a feature of Tiddlywiki until now: Saving after editing your html-file doesn't overwrite the file, but forces you to download a new html-file.


Recently I've been on a 8 hours ride on a train in a country where I have no cellular carrier data plan, and the WiFi offered by the rail service which I expected to use was turned off on that train. Thus I wasn't able to work on my wiki which is stored in #Hubzilla. This is just one use-case for the need of having a syncable #offline copy of a file stored in Hubzilla. Others cases would be i.e. when working with my laptop somewhere in the nature where there's no carrier network (it's actually what I am longing for these days since it's so hot in the city). To avoid misunderstanding, I like to mention here that #syncronizing is not the same as importing/exporting.
I dare to give a simple statement: In the chart about #data types in Hubzilla each field should contain a green Y (=yes), except for image/audio/video editing. This chart will help developing the necessary apps or changing the data organization. It summarizes my evaluations of the enabled features on I know there are other features that can be enabled, but I couldn't test them (I don't run my own server). I'm not aware of a list of existing features/plugins/apps. (Is there a such list?)
In the second chart, I added the same information for #Nextcloud (non-exhaustive; just main data types for comparing reasons). In this discussion @Mike Macgirvin brings up the vision of turning "all the extra features etc. into apps" similar to Nextcloud. When getting closer to Nextcloud in terms of features, Hubzilla needs to become competitive in terms of features. Together with the nomadity and the superiority in privacy, this will make Hubzilla unbeatable.
Please comment below about if you agree or don't agree with my statement and my evaluation (if necessary case-wise).

A related question I'm wondering about is:
Is the synchronizing frequency depending on the server? If yes, Is it set by the hub administrator, or can it be set by the cannel user?
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Europe needs some fresh ideas. This looks really interesting and I really hope will lead to some positive discussions and new unifying developments.

About us


Learn more about Volt, the European progressive movement.

I have read some pieces of their party program and it seems reasonable, very needed and like I could support this.

Therefore, the European Charter of Fundamental                      
Rights should be a guidepost for the agency, incorporated in its mission                      
statement, compliance system and accountability to the European Parliament.                
The disruption of human smuggling and trafficking networks should always go                    
hand in hand with search and rescue operations, as well as welcoming                      
operations for asylum seekers and refugees.

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From a discussion on how to describe / define Hubzilla.

M. DentM. Dent wrote the following post Thu, 02 Aug 2018 18:33:59 +0200
Hubzilla community web 3.0 publishing platform (with integrated social network)

But it's much more than a "publishing" platform.  It handles file repositories as well and photo collections which may not be "published" but kept private and shared among a select group of people.

It's so expansive, there really is no way to even "showcase" it properly without integrating it into a specific use-case which doesn't give the ability to show that it really is the "Swiss Army Knife" of Social Media / Collaboration / Publishing platforms.

But unlike other "it does everything" tools, it's properly modularized so that it really is the "hub" into which each of the modules "plugs".  Thus, there is not really a way to say, "Hubzilla is ... " anything.  It really is (or can be) whatever you want or need it to be.  Social Media - yup.  Collaboration platform for sharing documents/photos/etc. in a secure and access controlled manner - yup.  Publishing to the world - yup.  

But not like other systems which "try to be everything to everyone" and so end up a mess of mushy nothingness that can't really _do_ anything.  It's done in a way that everything coexists under the umbrella of "Hubzilla" but none of those things are actually "Hubzilla" itself.

In LONG form:  Hubzilla is a modular/pluggable platform that come preloaded with support for Publishing, Social Media, File / Photo sharing, chat, and much much more (including the ability to develop of custom modules) which all share a single identity, privacy and security infrastructure that allows seamless interconnection across server and administrative boundaries.  In short, it's everything Web3.0 promises ... and delivers it today!
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Heads up for German speaking 'podheads', there's a new Hubzilla podcast.
besserbesser wrote the following post Sun, 24 Jun 2018 00:40:35 +0200

#hubzilla #podcast #german
Guter Podcast, da ist eigentlich alles wesentliche besprochen.
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Interessante Sichtweise.
Hinzu kommt: Bayern war mal das fortschrittlichere der 'dt.' Laender: Als Erbe Napoleons war Homosexualitaet legal, no big deal. Die Kriminalisierung kam ers spaeter, als Uebernahme von den Preussen.
Quelle: eine Ausstellung in Das Schwule* Museum Berlin.
Stephan MausStephan Maus wrote the following post Mon, 30 Jul 2018 11:54:47 +0200

Was passiert eigentlich, wenn ein Land plötzlich gar keine Grenzen mehr hat? Nun, es entsteht ein neues Land. Bayern zum Beispiel.

Nach dem Abzug der römischen Grenzsöldner und der romanischen Bevölkerung aus dem Alpen- und Voralpenraum entstand ein Siedlungsvakuum auf dem Gebiet des heutigen Oberösterreich.

Hier siedelten sich die unerschiedlichsten Stämme an: ostgermanisch-gotische Clans, vagabundierende Elbgermanen, westlich-merowingische Migranten, Wirtschaftsflüchtlinge aus dem Alemannischen, subsidiäre Familiennachzügler aus dem Fränkischen, dazu thüringische und langobardische Volkssplitter.

Die verbliebenen römischen Grenzsöldner schoben niemanden ab, sondern vermischten sich fröhlich mit den Asyltouristen. So entstanden Schuhplattler, Schweinshaxe und Oktoberfest.

Dr. Herwig Wolfram, Professor für mittelalterliche Geschichte, nannte die Bajuwaren schlicht „Findelkinder der Völkerwanderung". Fest steht: Ganz Bayern ist das Ergebnis einer anarchistischen "No Borders, No Nations"-Politik.
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Mario VavtiMario Vavti wrote the following post Sun, 29 Jul 2018 07:24:20 +0200
Hubzilla Bugfix Release 3.6.1!

  • Issue with apps pointing to wrong channel
  • Typo in SQL query
  • Federation addon issues

Please update ASAP!

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hoergenhoergen wrote the following post Thu, 26 Jul 2018 11:58:55 +0200
Heute feiern wir übrigens den Tag des #Fediverse und der #Federation .
Also das Universum der dezentralen freien sozialen Netzwerke.

Diesen Tag haben wir vor einem Jahr festgelegt, um diese großartige Gemeinschaft gebührend zu feiern.

Was für tolle Entwickler und Menschen, die in irgendeiner Weise etwas zu diesen Projekten beigesteuert haben! Ihr habt die Welt ein Stück freier, unabhängiger und besser gemacht.

Danke an:
#GNUSocial #Friendica #Hubzilla #Diaspora #Pleroma #Mastodon #PostActiv #SocialHome #GangGo und viele weitere aktuelle Projekte und die zukünftigen Projekte, die über das Kommunikationsprotokoll #ActivityPub in unser Universum dazu stoßen.

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An interesting thought. I have read about creating guerilla networks with these devices.
MarlonMarlon wrote the following post Fri, 20 Jul 2018 16:13:44 +0200


Was ist MiniZilla?

MiniZilla ist ein Hubzilla auf einem Mini-PC.Image/photoEs handelt sich dabei um einen Nanopi Neo mit Quadcore CPU (1.2Ghz) und 512MB DDR Ram

Auf dem MiniPC läuft ein Debian Stretch und virtualisiert mit LXC läuft ein Debian Stretch mit Hubzilla (Apache, MySQL, PHP). Dank Virtualisierung kann man leicht die SDKarte tauschen oder auf eine neue Hardware umziehen.

Wieso das ganze? Ich möchte schauen ob es möglich ist sein eigenes SozialesNetzwerk mit minimalen Ressourcen zu betreiben. Ziel soll es sein, dass möglichst viele privat Anwender ihren eigenen POD zu hause stehen haben. Daher möchte ich euch um folgendes bitten:1. Bitte diesen Beitrag teilen!2. Mitmachen!Leg euch einfach mal einen Account an und legt los. Dank Import/Export solltet Ihr euren Account nachher auf einen anderen POD umziehen können. (wenn es gewünscht ist) Achtung: Dieser POD ist nur zum testen da und wird irgendwann abgeschaltet.

Der POD läuft unter:

Auslastung: Netdata:

Viel Spaß!!!

#internet #hubzilla #diaspora #hubzilla #frendica #dezentral #socialnetwork #föderation #pod #mastodon #gnusocial

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Mario VavtiMario Vavti wrote the following post Wed, 25 Jul 2018 10:37:47 +0200
Hubzilla 3.6 Released!
The most notable change in the Hubzilla 3.6 release is probably the refactoring of the various activity filter/order options. Basically we got rid of the network tabs and replaced the functionality with two new widgets in left aside - activity_order and activity_filter. The order widget takes care of the various order possibilities - by commented date  (default), by posted date, by date unthreaded. The selected order is saved in the config and thus persistent.
The new filter widget displays all enabled filter options (privacy groups, personal posts, starred posts, forums etc.) in one widget. A new filter by contactname feature has been added and the notifications for unseen forum posts are now displayed in the notification widget. The privacy group management has been moved to the the panel chanel menu (your profile photo in the panel) and the management tool has been refactored.
The tags/mentions have been refactored and you will notice that the appearence of autofilled @mentions in the post editor look better readable now @{} instead of @channelname+365 before the change.
The cart addon has received major updates and has now support for paypal payments with automated fulfillment options (add buyer as contact, add buyer to privacy group and for admins only - change service class). A new gallery addon has been introduced to provide visitors of your channel a possibility to comfortably browse through your photo albums.

Other notable changes:

  • Webpage menus are now editable by visitors with webpage write permissions
  • Improve new channel creation workflow
  • Implement reset button for the post editor
  • Provide a general purpose GDPR document
  • Implement messagefilter for pubstream and sourced messages
  • Add supported federation protocols to siteinfo
  • Implement admin delete of files, photos and posts

A big THANK YOU! to all the translators and everybody who is helping to improve Hubzilla with each release.

Get it while it's hot!

To update an existing installation (installed via git) please execute util/udall from your Hubzilla webroot.
Please note that the source code has moved from to See this announcement for how to point your git repository to the new location if you have not done so yet.
If you participated in the RC testing, remember to git checkout master your core, addon and widget repositories before the update.

Please consider to support this project:

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If you are curous why Borges hired a schoolboy who earned himself some pocket money in a book shop, listen to this.
If you want to hear about a language so complex that anything from any language may be translated to, but just a tiny fraction of meaning can be translated to any language, listen to this.
If you are thrilled by thoughtful discussions about how the most trivial questions may result in the most complex answers, listen to this.
And just in case you already are familiar with the great Phillip Adam's quiet and unobstrusive but nonetheless firm interview style, then you already know that you want to listen to this.

A conversation recorded at the Perth Writer's Festival, broadcasted at ABC Australia, Radio National, Late Night Live.

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Einige ihrer Bücher habe ich mehrfach gelesen, so daß sie für mich schon alt waren, als sie in der Schule besprochen wurden.
Allerdings hat sie mich ob der schieren Veröffentlichungsmasse zur Kapitulation gebracht. Sie war eine Vielschreiberin, aber eine mit Eigensinn und humanistischer Konsequenz und literarischem Anspruch. Preisträgerin Jugendliteraturpreis1973 (Wir pfeifen aud den Gurkenkönig - dies ist das Buch, das ich selbstständig entdeckt und geliebt habe, dann kam es in der Schule ...), Astrid Lindgren Gedächtnispreis 2003 (zusammen mit dem unvergleichlichen Maurice Sendak ...) und viele mehr.
Aber sie wurde gelesen. Von mir auf jeden Fall. Und ich glaube, in "meiner" Bibliothek auch von anderen.

Danke für die vielen Bücher, eine Wiederentdeckung meinerseits ist überfällig.

Danke für die vielen Bücher, eine Wiederentdeckung meinerseits ist überfällig.

Meinerseits genauso. Ich stelle jetzt aber auch bedauerlicherweise fest, dass momentan keine ihrer Bücher in meiner privaten Büchersammlung zu finden sind. Die Frage ist jetzt freilich nur noch welches ihrer Werke ich als erstes im Internetgebrauchtmarkt aufsuchen soll.
Ich habe natürlich den Gurkenkönig geplant, und beim Blick auf das Angebot stelle ich fest, daß ich wirklich einiges von ihr gelesen habe. Mal sehen, wird spontan entschieden.
Übrigens, hier ist ein Interview mit ihr.

@Brian Christensen
Gurkenkönig, Dschi-Dschei-Junior, Rosa Riedl Schutzgespenst, Die feuerrote Friederike, Geschichten vom Franz, Ein Mann für Mama, Anatol und die Wurschtelfrau, Das Austauschkind waren meine Kindheits- und Jugendfavoriten. Auch ihre Gedichtbände für Erwachsene im Wiener Dialekt sind sehr lesenwert.

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This is not only some really awesome strange music but also a great video, as minimal as the music, showing nothing but the record being played, but in a really interesting way.
I remember seeing a label special event series at Galerie Für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig, which remains one of the most impressive series of concerts / performances I have ever witnessed so far. That was sometime around 2000.

Alva Noto - Transrapid (12" Vinyl)
by NYC LOOPS on YouTube

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Welcome @NetNut404 to the Hubzillaverse. ;)
In case of questions, ask away. HZ is awesome (I am biased that's just my own humble opinion), but it can be overwhelming.
Just have a good look around.

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Mystified is easily the most prolific artist you habe never heard of, with much more released music than Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, or The Legendary Pink Dots, just to name a few artists I know and love but will never ever seriously consider collecting.
Mystified is different, even incomparable. First, Mystified is only one of his several monikers, others being AutoCad, Mr Vapor, Grid Resistor, Model 201 or his real name Thomas Park. Second, his genres are more sonic art than music, with an emphasis on Field Recordings, most often treated. And third, almost all of his releases are available using a free license or even Public Domain. He is an enthusiastic activist for free culture, free in the truest sense of the word.

Mystified was his most famous project, and as such he has been a constantly overwhelming me. He has been releasing much faster than I could digest, especially as many releases warrant deep and repeated listening. As Mystified he was the acknowledged master of drone, omnipresent in the netlabel scene and usually interesting.

Therefore I do recommend you to dive into his euvre. As of now he is archiving his work at He is also releasing music at

I really like these releases:


Edit: Corrected Video embed
I usually listen to ambient streams when I have computer work to accomplish. This will fit right in.

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Wow.  Discovered Isao Tomita when mentioned inside a review for Wendy Carlos' Digital Moonscapes, which still haven't been able to hear. Always said, her Bach etc interpretations are my kind of aesthetic, the way how I dig Bach, Händel etc.
But Tomita's interpretation of the already awesome The Planets by Gustav Holst is currently blowing me away. This is a truely electronic experience. Where Wendy is a master at translation Tomita has performed a complete transition.
A masterpiece, released in 1976. This should be a classic.
Why have I never heard of this?
And yet another universe to discover.

My Mum loved him. I listened to loads of this in my teenage.
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this Carpole Karaoke with Sir Paul McCartney is freakin' epic phantastic. I love that format, but this one tops 'em all.
Mind you, that guy turned 76 a few days after this show. I just hope I'll be able to enjoy life as much when I'm that age. I'll be poor, I still won't be able to sing but I just hope that won't keep me from being happy and creative, doing things that make me and people around me happy.

Plus I have just yesterday been listening to the working version of When I'm 64, switching back and forth between that several mixes we've got. I do love that song from Sgt. Pepper and was always fascinated by the fact that this was one of the very early songs Paul wrote, when he still was a teenager. I always wondered what it might have sounded like back then. I suppose this might be very near.

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Sorry, this blast from the past is German language only.

Moin an euch alle,

in den letzten Tagen bin beim Aufräumen über ein paar alte Radiobeiträge von mir gestolpert, die ich auch als Selbst-Motivation hier einfach mal zweitverwerten möchte. :)

Dieser erste Beitrag aus meinen gut 5 Jahren Community Radio liegt mir besonders am Herzen, es war der erste Beitrag bei dem ich das Gefühl hatte, meinen Stil gefunden zu haben. Wenig selber sagen, Klänge und O-Töne für sich sprechen lassen. Ich bekam viel Kritik, daß man schon genau hinhören muß, um mir zu folgen. Aber es gab auch Stimmen, die genau das mochten. Später habe ich dieses Stilmittel noch verdichtet und Sendungen gebaut die entweder zum aktiven und intensiven Hören einluden oder auch einfach nur als anregender Hintergrund laufen konnten. Genau das würde ich gerne wieder aufleben lassen. Es fehlt mir. Sehr.

Eigentlich war ich nur als Gast bei dieser Performance der legendären Cottbuser Band Sandow. Das Ganze hat mich aber so sehr begeistert, daß ich noch während der Veranstaltung ins Radio gedüst bin, mir Mic und Recorder geholt  und O-Töne gesammelt habe. Damals war das alles noch per Kassette und im zweiten Schritt mit echtem Tonband bei dem Schnitte noch echt destruktiv und ohne Undo-Button waren.
Ich habe bis tief in die Nacht gearbeitet, auf dem Studioboden ein paar Stunden geschlafen, das fertige Band ins Fach gelegt zur Versendung im Stadtmagazin und bin heeme gefahren. Und habe dann am nachmittag als unser kleines Bürgerradio auf Sender ging mit pochendem Herzen das Ohr ans Radio geklebt.
Heute freut es mich, dieses Dokument zu haben. Die durch die Halle schwenkenden Rhythmen und die Lautstärke habe ich zwar nicht gut eingefangen (ich wünsche mir hätte ein Stereo-Mic zur Verfügung gestanden, oder 2 Mono), aber die Ekstase dieses begeisternden Erlebnisses ist mir sofort wieder gegenwärtig. Und ich spühre wieder die Blasen an den Händen, die ich mir sehr schnell zugezogen hatte.

Fun Fact: Das Gespräch mit Endruh Unruh fand in der Toilette statt. das war noch der ruhigste Ort der Halle. :)

Es juckt mich total, wieder aktiv zu werden. Mal sehen.

Als großer Neubauten Fan hab ichs mir natürlich gleich angehört :-) :like
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Der RadioBeitrag gefällt mir vor allem wirklich im Stil sehr gut. montierte O-Töne und der gesprochene Kommentar der auch in der Tonlage etwas zu sagen hat - sich aber auch zurücknimmt und sich nicht auf alles draufsetzt.

Bitte wieder anfang mit der Produktion von neuen Beiträgen !
 somewhere between the lines 

I am new here. I am all in for good music.
Björk. From her first record called "Björk" that she recorded at the age of 11. She refused the offer of a follow-up record, used the money to buy a piano and compose songs on her own.

You might recognize the tune.

Bjork - Fool On The Hill
by Mogens L on YouTube
Don‘t forget her time with the Sugarcubes!
  last edited: Sun, 10 Jun 2018 01:21:56 +0200  
No, that's how I first "met" her. I still remember vividly. My task was doing the dishes. My mother did not like it, but I used that chance and listened to the radio. An interview with The Sugarcubes was on. The interviewer was all fascinated by Björk, how quiet she spoke in opposition how loid she was on stage. Later I found a live recording tape at a local shop, but did not like it, chaotic and badly recorded, did not get into it. Today I have listened to others and ... still strangely fascinating.
Next step was Debut. Another place, another station, but still this interviewer's fascination with Björk as an interview partner was evident. Don't remember anything more. The album did not click with me at the time, still prefered bands. Nirvana ruled my listening habits, I was an avid collector. Still got the ticket for Berlin 1994. Alice In Chains, Dirt and Jar Of Flies. Did not get house etc at all. I slowly became a fan with Post. To this day one of the most furious album openings of all times.

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I know quite a few people in here will enjoy this.
Hugh Masakela recorded by BR at Afrika Festival 2016.

Watch while you can, available from 16/03/2017 to 31/12/2018