somewhere between the lines 
I have cloned this channel several times recently along with some others. All went well, except for this channel and one hub. There I am having very strange effects for this, and only for this channel.
  • at first the clone there changed to an ancient avatar
  • when visiting the clone's channel home I got "Profile does not exist"
  • No connections are visible, a test post was visible only to me instead of the main privacy group which I had selected
  • I tried several times, usually using the web form, but alsi a json file, also with and without old posts
  • I deleted that botched channel clone each time
  • Now it happened again, my primary account suddenly switched it's name from h.ear.t | tobias back to the old tobias, interestingly only in posts, likes etc, not in the profile or settings

I am a bit at a loss now. I uad already given up, my final attempt is now about 2 hours ago. Then I noticed the name change.
The log said "no uid" and zot handshake not possible because https and httpnwere not available. Everything is https.
Other channels from the very same hub did clone amazingly well, even syncing webpages and wikis. From the same source hub to the very same clone hub. So thrre must be something about this channel, even though it did clone perfectly to other hubs.
There is quite a bit of action on the hub where I want to clone to, so the log is very noisy.
What else could I do to debug? Now that my primary channel had been strangely changed a second time ...
ACLs also seem to have been changed, I could no longer post public as there was no option for that.
Is there a way to do a kind of channel config refresh? Or just change one setting temporarily and thrn change it back? How can I now check the validity of this channel? That option for publick posts returned once I reset the privacy option to mostly public.
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I had already deleted that clone, so I re-imported it now.
No, /import and chosing that file did not help, too.
I just saw that now that new clone attempt also does not appear under /locs.
This connection's primary address is ''    
Available locations:,,
Yes, the other one is missing.