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Flashback: There I am, thumbing through some thick books I carried home from the local library while carefully tuning the knobs on my shortwave radio. This radio knob was my connection to the world. Oh, that felt so good. In fact, it was mind boggling. Being able to listen to the world made it easy for me to live with the shortcomings of bad reception, always changing frequencies, shifting voices, strange noises et all. I was receiving radio stations from all around the world and was no longer restricted to my own little world!

Flash forward.  
Here I am, still with the world at my fingertips, but now using a computer keyboard. Still listening to radio stations from all over the globe, but in much better quality and without carrying heavy books beforehand. There are webstreams. There are search engines. Heck, there are mobile phones which connect me even from ... almost anywhere that hapens to have a decent internet reception.

And now this., an open source, public domain Wiki for ... radio stations. The name is a bit misleading, it is actually for all types of radio stations, not just community radios. From anywhere. The only limitation is: It must be legal to listen to them globally, i.e. without geoblocking. Yes, that actually has become a thing, there already are some radio stations that try to block anyone from listening outside their country.
As the radio browser relies upon community effort, I have spontaneously edited my favorite radio station, corrected the name, updated the tags. It's really easy and pretty straight forward. There are some more stations I know which are in need for updates, and updating this publicly sourced information is much more rewarding than just maintaining my own private lists.
Very nice work, very useful for any radio lover out there. You can even fork radio browser on github and run your own.
There are already quite a fiew media players using this site's API, plus the site admin even created a simple app RadioDroid, available on which appears to run much better than the huge Tunein and certainly with less tracking. It does have other shortcomings, it is still quite rudimentary, but a nice beginning and I am already using it a lot.

Radio Browser