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When you register at Hubzilla you are presented with a choice of channel roles. There are
  • social channels with varying privacy settings
  • forums with varying privacy settings
  • feed channels
  • a soap box function for announcement only channels
  • group repositories

The docs explain the basics about what is what, but I was always missing a tabled overview. So I created one.

This will be handy. I'd share it but somehow the Link to Source is buggered.
This will be refined over time, this graphic is just a first quick and dirty draft done in LibreOffice Calc and will be updated into a native table.

That is going to be one crazy block of BBcode! And if history is any guide, it will become outdated rapidly. This is something we could probably generate automatically in the code. It could be accessible when people are selecting a permission role and would naturally stay up-to-date.

@Zachary Dunn
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@Mike Macgirvin
You are right, I made a mistake. Social does not have perms_auto, which I understand as autoconnect.

What I have not yet managed to find a meaning for is $ret['limits']. Any hint? :)

And "Default Collection" ... I believe that means connections are sorted into a default privacy group, the new name for collection? Yet that is - unfortunately - only configurable if I chose custom mode. Which for me is a huuuge reason to chose custom mode but ... ... ... maybe that should be moved to general access?
Or does that mean "Default permission group", which then is not reflected if I change the channel role.
(Note to self: Need to describe these default permission group roles as "follower, contributor, publisher", have never really looked into that before.)

    case 'forum_private':
                $ret['perms_auto'] = false;
                $ret['default_collection'] = true;
                $ret['directory_publish'] = false;
                $ret['online'] = false;
                $ret['perms_connect'] = [
                    'view_stream', 'view_profile', 'view_contacts', 'view_storage',
                    'view_pages', 'view_wiki', 'post_wall', 'post_comments',
                    'post_mail', 'post_like' , 'chat'
                $ret['limits'] = PermissionLimits::Std_Limits();
                $ret['limits']['view_profile']  = PERMS_SPECIFIC;
                $ret['limits']['view_contacts'] = PERMS_SPECIFIC;
                $ret['limits']['view_storage']  = PERMS_SPECIFIC;
                $ret['limits']['view_pages']    = PERMS_SPECIFIC;
                $ret['limits']['view_wiki']     = PERMS_SPECIFIC;


Corrected the image.