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One short micronews for Debian. One Who-hoo! for us Debian lovers.
The Debian stretch suites have now been renamed to stable! #releasingstretch
The Debian stretch suites have now been renamed to stable! #releasingstretch Submitted on 17 June 2017 10:01:00 By Paul Wise This service is run by the Debian Publicity Team...
The last time (Debian 8.x) High Availability tools were missing. But that was a wake up call, they prepared their packages for unstable / testing / backports and now pacemaker & Co. is back in Main.

#857986 - npm: package is 3 years old (consider removal?) - Debian Bug report logs

Sorry for opening such a non-standard bug report but this page leads me to believe that the most up-to-date version we have for this package on Debian is from 2014 ...
Yep, I read this thread. I understand their reasoning. But not including something as popular as npm is very bad PR for Debian. I convinced a friend to move to Debian (he came from OS X). He quite likes it but he develops on node.
Yes, I agree, even though I see the point. I thought the very same for dropping HA for Debian Jessie, which I regard as integral for any distro aiming at professonal use. But I do get the reasoning, too. But it's hard to convey and still argue for Debian.